Whether you need one or many skylights, you’re going to have some questions. Thankfully, Albury Wodonga Skylights has encountered a multitude of different challenges in our 30+ years of providing this service. We can help by answering the most common questions below:

Q. How long will my skylight installation last?

A. A standard skylight installation without issue can be completed in two hours. However, it can be longer when complex structures, electrical wiring, and multiple installations are involved. Generally, the installation time will vary from project to project.

Q. How is a skylight going to impact the heating in my room?

A. Heating will be almost entirely unaffected with a professional skylight installation by Albury Wodonga Skylights.

Q. Is there a risk of leaking from the skylight?

A. Leaking is highly unlikely following a professional skylight installation.

Q. Can I install my own skylight?

A. Yes. Albury Wodonga Skylights can sell you a skylight kit complete with step-by-step instructions.

Q. Is there a difference between round and square skylights?

A. Quite often, a square skylight can let in extra light that is distributed more evenly. However, the ideal skylight shape for your home or business will depend on your unique structural situation. The best shape might depend on the dimensions of your building.

Q. How does a skylight work?

A. Skylights introduce natural light to your space. The rooftop dome of a skylight will capture daylight and then funnel it into your chosen space by way of a reflective shaft. A diffuser panel will then spread the light evenly throughout your space.

Q. What size of skylight do I need?

A. A larger skylight will let in more light to your space. However, the ideal skylight will depend on the size of your room and space between your ceiling and roof. But you can tell us your requirements and we will recommend the perfect skylight size.

Q. Will a skylight reduce my energy bill?

A. By introducing more natural light to your space, you can save on costs by using your electric lights less of the time. Reduced electricity usage will result in a lower energy bill.

Q. Does a skylight add value to my building?

A. Nowadays, energy efficiency is key to anyone buying or renting a building. The presence of free natural light will enable you to spend less on artificial light. An added benefit is that the natural light will make the space more appealing all-round, thereby increasing value.

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